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Relationship Not Religion

It is not in your church.

It is not in your denomination.

It is not in your Pastor.
It is not in your spouse.
It is not in your children.

It is in your relationship with


that will get you into heaven.

The Joseph Journey

This teaching is dedicated to anyone who is walking through a God ordained destiny. This teaching is written to assist you and guide you to your calling, and your destiny. Although you might have felt hurt, betrayed, and maybe even discarded because of your calling. Always remember this, God is always with you, and He has never left you

The Remnant

Part 1

From generation to generation, and from time to time God has set aside an individual or a small group of individuals to realign His purpose on this earth. In this teaching we look at several facets of being that God appointed remnant



Session One

The Mantle


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